Montag, 24. Juni 2024

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This is your last chance to prevent unpleasant consequences and save your reputation.
Your operating systems on every device you use to log into your emails are infected with a Trojan virus.
I use a multiplatform virus with a hidden VNC. It works on any operating system: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows.
Thanks to the encryption, no system will detect this virus. Every day its signatures are cleared.
I have already copied all your personal data to my own servers.
Now I have access to your email, messengers, social networks, contact list.
So now we've met and let's get down to business.
When I was gathering information about you, I realized that you really like to visit porn sites.
You really like to watch adult videos and get orgasms while watching them.
I have some curious videos that were recorded from your screen.
I have edited a video that clearly shows your face and the way you watch porn and masturbate.
Your family and friends will have no problem recognizing you in this video. This video can completely destroy your reputation.
Not only can I distribute this video to your contacts and friends, but I can make it public for every user on the web.
I have a lot of your personal data. These are your browsing histories, messenger and social media correspondence, phone calls, personal photos and videos.
I can share every one of your secrets.
All it takes is one click of my mouse to make all the information stored on your device available to the public.
You understand the consequences.
It will be a real disaster.
Your life would be ruined.
I bet you want to prevent that, don't you?
It's very simple.
You need to transfer me 1300 US dollars (in bitcoin equivalent at the rate at the moment of funds transfer). After that, I will delete all information about you from my servers.
Trust me, I will not bother you again.
My bitcoin wallet for payment: 18rhW8tFJyyszgJr9yUes57nZjVP22BVu
Don't know what Bitcoin is and how to use it? Use Google.
You have 48 hours to pay.
After reading this email, the timer starts automatically.
I've already been notified that you opened this email.
No need to respond to me on this message, this email was created automatically and is untraceable.
There is no need to try to contact anyone for help. Bitcoin wallet is untraceable, so you will just waste your time.
The police and other security services won't help you either.
In each of these cases, I will post all the videos without delay.
All of your data is already copied to a cluster of my servers, so changing your passwords on email or social media won't help.
You have 48 hours! I hope you make the right decision.